The Astral Plane, aging and dragons/astral travelers

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The Astral Plane, aging and dragons/astral travelers

Сообщение JesseVoss » Пн июн 18, 2018 8:54 am


I've been looking into my books for planning and NPC's for a game I'm running. One thing I've been trying to focus on is time and the Astral Plane. Now, according to the spell and psionic power, a being traveling from our world to the Astral Plane can experience a lot in the plane in a short period of time. I believe the breakdown is for every week in the Astral Plane, only a minute passes in the reality of origin. By my calculations, that means for every 24 hours spent away from the reality in origin, 27.6 years and change goes by. This also means that if you left your world, went into the Astral Plane and came back one year later(or if the portal opened up one year to the day on the world of origin), then over ten thousand years would have passed! I understand that from Rifter #38 that a lot of beings don't physically age in the Astral Plane, so one can be practically immortal there, not dying unless slain. But what about races that grow in power with age, like dragons? The Zaayr Crystal Dragons are supposed to have hidden within the Astral Plane long ago. This means that such creatures could be tens, hundreds of thousands, even millions of years old! Would they be considered great ancient dragons there, but their true age in proportionate years only becoming active when they cross over into another dimension, like Rifts Earth or Palladium? I'd imagine that in the Astral Plane, young hatchlings or children would age normally until reaching maturity. It's the growing older that I wonder about. Is the Astral Plane a fountain of youth dimension, keeping a being's ages frozen? I know that one could still have adventures and gain experience in the Astral Plane. If an Astral Mage or Astral Lord spent years, decades in the Astral Plane then came back to Earth, would they have not ages physically? If there were a teenager who was an Astral Mage/Lord who went into the Plane and came back after spending decades, even centuries on adventures, would he return to a teenage body on Earth?

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Re: The Astral Plane, aging and dragons/astral travelers

Сообщение S1908 » Пн июн 18, 2018 11:17 am

your conciscious can travel into astral over million years but you physical body can't also you can't to restore such memories with physical brain attached even if you were travelled so many years during the night.


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